Raja Ampat – West Papua (2) – The Good, The Bad and The Ugly

Lots of stripy fish (sweetlips)

The Good, The Bad and the Ugly – (The Diving Bit)

This post is specifically about our diving experience in Raja Ampat.  We only dived together on two occasions as I came down with a bad ear infection shortly after we arrived and just as I recovered the Wooky was himself struck down with the same affliction and confined to his hammock for almost a week.  We had different gripes but agreed that the diving was excellent. Continue reading

Raja Ampat – West Papua (1) – Visiting on a Budget

Picture perfect fairytale Raja Ampat

Part 1

Visiting Raja Ampat on a mid-range budget

Raja Ampat is arguably one of the finest destinations in the world for underwater exploration with a tank on your back.  Despite the challenges of getting there, paying for the privilege (it’s expensive, but it is a privilege), and the sometimes tricky diving conditions (unpredictable currents and some questionable equipment standards), and even taking into account our overall experience (which was not particularly positive) we cannot deny that it has got to be up there with the world’s best diving experiences.  The diving is amazing (what we saw of it anyway).  But what happens when we visit?  We are both struck down with nasty ear infections wiping out a week of diving for each of us.

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