Maluku – Lease Islands – Saparua – Other People’s Stories

Putih Lessi Indah from the main road

Part 2

So the Wooky was confined to the hut for the first week in Saparua recovering from dengue only emerging briefly each evening to try to eat something to keep his strength up.  In between checking on the patient, my time was spent swinging in one of the beach hammocks, reading or simply gazing out to sea.  It was a gruelling schedule and at mealtimes I relaxed with a beer, chatted to our fellow guests and met some interesting people.  

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Maluku – Lease Islands – Saparua – Relaxing and Recovering

Part 1

The Wooky was incapacitated with dengue fever for the first half of our stay at the simple paradise that is Putih Lessi Indah on the small island of Saparua in the Lease Islands, Central Maluku (across the water from the relatively large island of Seram). He spent the first week doing little but resting and me, well, I didn’t do very much at all, and I did it in very beautiful  and peaceful surroundings.

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