A Lesson in Patience

It is the middle of September 2015 and we are reaching the limits of our patience.

The house was put on the market in May and we are at the mercy of that uncertain process.  We cannot make any firm plans, book flights, enrol on courses never mind hazard a guess at when we might land back in the UK for a whirlwind visit before heading off again.  We remain in suspended animation until we exchange contracts.

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Learning the Lingo … the general rule of thumb

Restaurant Car
Restaurant Car

Native English speakers are lazy, ignorant and downright rude – or so we can appear when encountered abroad in non-English speaking countries.  However when we were preparing for our trip from London to Australia we were determined to put some time and effort into learning the languages of the countries we were visiting.  Those efforts were rewarded tenfold even when we were only able to exchange a few words.

We chose to concentrate on Russian and Mandarin as we were spending a month in Russia and three months in China.  We also prepared to learn some Vietnamese and Indonesian (two other places where we intended spending several weeks) along the way and downloaded courses in preparation.

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The Next Chapter

St Kilda tram

So, we have had it with Australia.  We honestly tried our best but our best was never good enough so we’re off.  We’ve had it with the Melbourne road trains and the rubbish weather.  While it’s rather nice to live in a country where you get a day off for the Queen’s birthday, a horse race and a football match (seriously!) it’s not good enough.

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