Technology on the Road

This was a vaguely contentious issue between us which has been largely resolved. The Wooky was an old school traveller and his mantra is “we’ll just turn up and see what happens”. Before we set off in August 2012 he argued that once we headed off on our journey we no longer needed the tools to be connected. We didn’t need a phone or access to the internet.  We could send the odd postcard home (like that was ever going to happen) and, clutching the latest copy of whatever guidebook you consider your bible, turn up at hostels ad hoc and get a room. Basically make it up as we go along.

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Packing – what you don’t need

We both learned from our mistakes last time but, I have to admit, my learning curve was a little steeper.  That is not to say that the Wooky was innocent of the trend to pack for all eventualities and he was certainly guilty of the book overload.

These are a few examples of items which are superfluous to requirements or which you do not need to pack in bulk.

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