Bira – Part 2 – Exploring above and below the waves

The Indonesian crew and staff

New Year was out of the way so a few days diving was on the agenda followed by a day or two exploring on a scooter.

We were excited to be getting back into the water again and looking forward to cooling down a bit.  The three annoying Dutch joined us for our first 2 days but it wasn’t much of a problem because when you’re underwater you can’t actually hear anyone talking.  This is one of the reasons the Wooky has taken to diving in such a big way.  And the fish of course.  He loves to chase the fish.  He’s like an underwater puppy sometimes (and just as difficult to control). Continue reading

Bira – Part 1 – New Year

The view from the hammock on Bara Beach

While we are at Pia’s Poppies we heard good things about Tanjung Bira.  We had originally ruled out a visit to Bira as part of our itinerary as this would have involved doubling back to Makassar but when we cut short our stay in Toraja and found ourselves with a spare week we decided to detour to Bira for a few days after all – a decision we didn’t regret. Continue reading