Tentena and Lore Lindu – Heading South

After a 10 hour journey from Donggala (with a few stop offs on the way) we were deposited at Ue Datu Cottages just outside Tentena.  It was dark and relatively cool and, after we bade farewell to our driver, Wowi and his friend, the night security man at Ue Datu interrupted his YouTube viewing for a moment to seek out a few ice cold Bintangs which we drank on the shared veranda outside our little cottage, which we drank watching the frogs hopping around catching flies under the light and listening to their croaking compete with the trill of cicadas. Continue reading

The Boat Trip Incident

The big boat

There was a little incident on a boat trip while we were in Donggala.  One of the German guides was to accompany us on a day trip to two dive sites across the bay.  Paul was a tad disappointed it wasn’t one of the Indonesian guides because the German tended to get quite cross with him, for example, for failing to provide a running commentary on his air supply.  Her mantra was “The dive is my responsibility, I am the guide” and when it’s said over and over again in a German accent it can get a bit tedious to a fairly experienced diver (particularly as he seemed to be unfairly singled out for this sort of treatment – he is neither reckless nor irresponsible).  And anyone that knows the Wooky will know he doesn’t take too kindly to being told what to do by anyone.  Ever.  Me, I was tolerating a lot of hectoring, given my novice status, happy to accept any advice thrown in my general direction.

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