WookyTravels are GO!

The email we had been waiting for with baited breath arrived last Friday night at about midnight.  I was in bed, asleep.  For months now my nights have been spent hovering on the threshold of sleep with one eye open on my inbox.  I was exhausted.  But, as had become my nocturnal habit, in the early hours of Saturday morning, I roused myself fully awake and checked my email.

Sitting there in my inbox were two emails we had been waiting for since the end of June.  One from our lawyer and another from our agent both advising contracts had been exchanged with completion set for a week later.  I drowsily muttered something to that effect to the Wooky, then turned over and promptly went back to sleep.

I had imagined rowdy celebrations, laughter and probably tears at the relief of hearing this news but the reaction of us both was to sleep until late the following morning for the first time in months, and when we did wake up we just lay there for a bit, staring at the ceiling and not saying very much at all.

For the rest of the week we were both in a bit of a daze and, although sleeping better than we had for a long time, oddly bewildered.  Even now, over a week later, we are still a little stunned; it is as if we cannot believe it is really happening.

Saying that, we had quite a busy week.  I resigned my job Monday morning and lodged my tax return at the eleventh hour; we booked our flights to Bali and Palu, our overnight stay in Bali, and two weeks in Prince John Dive Resort, Donggala (and we are very excited that our stay coincides with Mona and Chris, a couple from Luxembourg we met there last year).  At Prince John I will be doing my Advanced Open Water to try and get my buoyancy under control and then I’ll either steal the underwater camera from the Wooky or we’ll have to buy another one!

The Wooky has also sold all his tools to a young Irish carpenter setting up in Melbourne and we are now in the process of selling all the garden stuff and as I write this random people are turning up periodically to pick up strawberry pots and garden furniture.  We have also cancelled the internet and will give notice on the flat on Monday.

So much achieved yet so much still to do.

Attending the gym has helped to keep us focused and it certainly helped take our minds off the long wait; if anything we regret not thinking about going to the gym earlier but the reality is we were not in the right frame of mind and it would have been hard to motivate ourselves to leave the warmth of the fire and head out to the gym on cold and dark winter evenings.

It has been a long wait of 6 months since we first put the house on the market in the UK; we have been in suspended animation since then and the longer the delay the more it cost us.  Plans have been made and changed so many times that it is hard to come to terms with the reality that we will soon be setting off and any plans we now make, while maybe not set in stone (it is Indonesia, after all), we will have a framework we can work within.  Had we been delayed one more week we would have had to rethink completely.

We will of course no longer be homeowners and on the one hand will not have the security that (allegedly) provides.  On the other hand, we now have more freedom to live and work wherever we want to without the constraints of a western debt.

It is exciting, daunting, exhilarating and scary – all at the same time.  We feel very much alive at the prospect of the future.

4 thoughts on “WookyTravels are GO!

  1. Dingye November 3, 2015 / 5:41 pm

    Hi Dawn,it was nice to see you and Paul move to new place! 🙂
    Wish you have good time in Indonesia and keep working out,I started to attend gym last year,it`s really help me become more fit and self confidence.

    I told my parents your story,it`s important to show them there is another way of life(not only take care of children and grandparents),I encouraged them to travel when they have time,hope it`s work in the future.

    Travel safe!



    • wookytravels November 3, 2015 / 6:18 pm

      Hey great to hear from you! How are you? How’s life and your career going. We are hoping to go back to China next year. We loved it so much and all the people we met. It’s a beautiful country and we would like to live there and teach English. We have to study first. Glad you are talking to your parents. They will want you to be happy – it just might take some time for them to understand you want a different life. Our parents were the same but they support us now. Keep in touch.
      Keep well.
      Dawn and Paul


      • Dingye November 3, 2015 / 6:31 pm

        After 3 three months gap(I was volunteer in Raleigh China),it`s time to look for next step,hope I can get offer this month.

        I saw ur page”how we got here”,you mentioned that a Chinese taxi driver did something bad,sorry to hear that.Indonesia is not very far from China and I think it`s easy to find job here as a English teacher,your story must attract a lot students!

        My parents only concern the price of house is too expensive in Beijing,u know.I think they will change their mind as long as I continue take conversation with them.

        LET ME KNOW IF YOU COME TO China.:)

        Best Regards



      • wookytravels November 3, 2015 / 6:43 pm

        You sound like you have had an exciting time. Good luck with the job hunting. I hope you find a job you enjoy. I’m sure you will. You’re right to keep the conversation going with your parents. It shows them respect and also that you are mature and they will respect you for that. And please do not apologise for one taxi driver. He was only one person we met and our experience of China was overwhelmingly positive. We will enjoy exploring Indonesia and then make plans. Returning to China and learning Mandarin is our dream (we had Mandarin lessons in Melbourne) and we will certainly let you know when we do go back.
        Good luck and all the best
        Paul and Dawn


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