Learning to Scuba

The Wooky’s Story

The Wooky with Pablo and Peter on our first liveaboard

In February 2013 we went on a snorkelling trip in the Con Dao Islands in Vietnam. We shared the boat with a couple of divers who surfaced from the deep with tales of an amazing underwater world of huge fish and amazing coral and the Wooky decided he wanted some of that.

Several weeks later he had embarked on his PADI Open Water course with a German outfit in Sihanoukville, followed by the Advanced Open Water which he combined with a liveaboard trip (which we liked so much we went on a second a few days later).

The Wooky then proceeded to jump in the water with a tank on his back at every opportunity and another obsession was born.

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A Lesson in Patience

It is the middle of September 2015 and we are reaching the limits of our patience.

The house was put on the market in May and we are at the mercy of that uncertain process.  We cannot make any firm plans, book flights, enrol on courses never mind hazard a guess at when we might land back in the UK for a whirlwind visit before heading off again.  We remain in suspended animation until we exchange contracts.

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Packing – what you don’t need

We both learned from our mistakes last time but, I have to admit, my learning curve was a little steeper.  That is not to say that the Wooky was innocent of the trend to pack for all eventualities and he was certainly guilty of the book overload.

These are a few examples of items which are superfluous to requirements or which you do not need to pack in bulk.

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Packing – what you need

With the benefit of hindsight including the benefit of learning from past mistakes, we believe we have a pretty good idea of what items are essential to take on your travels and those that are not.

The following are items which we didn’t take last time but, according to the Wooky, have become essential.

(I should add at this stage, that this is being written before any attempt at packing is made and therefore, it is possible that some of these items will not make it into the final pack.)

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