The Next Chapter

St Kilda tram

So, we have had it with Australia.  We honestly tried our best but our best was never good enough so we’re off.  We’ve had it with the Melbourne road trains and the rubbish weather.  While it’s rather nice to live in a country where you get a day off for the Queen’s birthday, a horse race and a football match (seriously!) it’s not good enough.

We have a vague plan at this stage – to pack up, head to Indonesia and spend some time with the fish and the Germans in Donggala.  Then, and only then will we plan some sort of itinerary which will involve spending more time exploring Indonesia (destinations to be decided/argued over) and an as yet unknown route to (probably) Chiang Mai to do a Celta course before (maybe) having a little holiday somewhere and heading back to the UK for a bit.

Rainbow Lorikeets

We’ve been mentally planning for ages and although we may yet be hugely disappointed (we are relying on our house sale in the UK and have already been let down once) we need to start planning something.

Paul is learning Indonesian and his progress has been amazing.  I need to pull my finger out and try to catch up a little and start listening to my Pimsleur course but I do not expect to catch up with him now.  He has worked incredibly hard to improve his vocabulary using sources other than Pimsleur (the weak spot with that particular language resource) and he cannot wait to start to practise with locals in Donggala.

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